Does My Android Phone Support JAVA(.jar) Applications?

Does My Android Phone Support JAVA(.jar) Applications

For mobile phone users asking if and why their Android phones does not support JAVA(.jar) applications, firstly, the extension for Android applications is .apk and over 700,000 .apk files are available for Android phones to download from the Google Play Store. An Android phone naturally does not have anything to do with JAVA apps though

Tecno M3 – Android 4.2.2 Smartphone Review and Price

Tecno M3 - Android 4.2.2 Smartphone Review and Price

Tecno M3 is an affordable 3.5-inch display smartphone that runs Android 4.2.2. Tecno is a Chinese phone manufacturer known for making affordable smartphones since 2012. With the success of their Tecno N3 which debuted late 2012 and was inline succeeded by the P3 and now the M3, Tecno has proved it can deliver quality phones

How To Download, Install And Register On 2go

How To Download, Install And Register On 2go

1. Download 2go by visiting on your phone. 2. After instalation, launch the 2go app. You will be prompted with this page if your phone has a working internet connection: Press continue. 3. Enter your phone number and press continue. If your phone number has not been already registered, you will see the below

MTN Nigeria 25MB And 50MB Subscription Codes And Price

MTN Nigeria 25MB And 50MB Subscription Codes And Price

MTN Nigeria recently introduced two affordable data plans for mobile phone browsing. The two plans — the 25MB plan and 50MB plan — are priced at 150 Naira and 200 Naira respectively,. MTN Mobile Browsing Plans Plan Price Code Validity 10MB 100 Naira *123*4*1# 24 hours 25MB 150 Naira *112# 24 hours 50MB 200 Naira

How To Set Up And Run A Succesful Web Hosting Company

running web host

According to the Wikipedia, Web hosting is one of the most, if not the most important factors on the Internet. Safe to say, without a Web host, a website cannot operate or function. Without a Web hosting a website cannot float on air and your computer cannot download a Web page off the Internet magically.

Download WhatsApp On Your Phone

How to download WhatsApp? Where can I download WhatsApp from? Is WhatsApp compatible with my xyz phone? These are the three questions I keep getting on my blog in the last few weeks. WhatsApp as you might have known is one of the fastest growing social networks we have today. WhatsApp has always been compared

Ten(10) Applications You Must Have On Your Android Smartphone

android apps

Being an Android user for over a year now, I felt the need to make a list of applications you should never miss out on your new(or old) Android phone. My list includes the very apps that keeps my own Android phone rocking and rocking. Z-Player The best music player so far on Android. Plays

5 Most Important Programs To Have On Your PC

Buying a PC is one, but one thing that comes next is usage. To fully enjoy your Windows PC, I’ve written a short article to help you choose the most important, if not the first five programs you should ever have on your Windows computer. Avast Antivirus The first thing you should have on your

The Critical Importance of Data in a Successful Adwords Campaign


Businesses are starting to use its data in new and interesting ways and in the last few years have come to realise its true value. This is because new technology makes it much easier to dissect and more meaningful data can come for it. As with any forms of marketing insights and data is extremely

Why online credit can be a great way to finance your next gadget purchase?

affect credit rating

People love gadgets and with such technological advancements it’s not hard to see why. Gadgets such as the iPad, the Playstation 3 and 3D TVs have helped to produce record sales for the technology giants but keeping up and financing these can be difficult. Gadgets are fashionable and are must haves for many but with