You wont die in a Volvo car in 2020

 Technology is moving at such incredible speed!

Auto giants Volvo have hinted that there will be cars in which the occupants cannot die, no matter the accident level.

Moreso, the technology is such that the cars having the 2020 year of production will literally operate itself.

The features which will make this possible include:

.Adaptive Cruise Control: Adaptive cruise control, which is already available on many new cars, uses radar and sometimes other sensors to detect vehicles on the road ahead. You set a maximum speed and your car maintains a safe following distance on its own, operating the gas and the brakes for you. Some systems like this only work at highway cruising speeds, but many can work even in stop-and-go traffic.

2.Auto lane keeping assist: Cameras detect lane lines and road edges, and the car steers itself to stay in its lane.

3.Collision avoidance: Radar, cameras or other sensors detect obstacles ahead and warn the driver. If the driver still doesn’t react, the car can apply the brakes automatically to avoid, or at least reduce, the impact of a crash. In the United States, auto safety regulators have found this technology particularly effective in reducing crashes.

4.Pedestrian detection: Cameras, including ones that can see in the dark, are programmed to detect human forms that might wander into the path of the car. Drivers can be alerted and again, the car can brake automatically.

5.Large animal detection: Hitting a cow is definitely bad for the animal but it’s also very bad for a car’s passengers. Volvo has created a system that can detect when a big animal is walking in front of your car, saving both you and the absent-minded animal.

6.All other existing features including airbags and seat belts would also be improved.

This is so woow!
You wont die in a Volvo car in 2020