Yemi Alade furious, blasts her critics in Snapchat video

Yemi Alade furious, blasts her critics in Snapchat video

For always putting her lyrics under scrutiny without examining those of her male colleagues, singer Yemi Alade was left furious in a recording she dropped on Snapchat on Monday night.

Yemi was heard saying in the recording:

“I don tire for all this self-acclaimed critics in this Nigeria. They don’t do any form of research. They don’t listen to the artistes’ songs, then they just say shit.

“I’m sorry for some people that call themselves critics o. I’m smiling to the bank, you’re not. Be there questioning my lyrics but you would not question the lyrics of the boys.

“I’m upset about this kind of thing, I just really think that people don’t know when they’re actually being biased gender wise. They don’t know when they’re trying to pick on females.

“Enough is enough, y’all just shut up! You’re going to really be checking people’s lyrics and you’re going to be a so-called critic as you call yourself then please make sure you check the guys’ lyrics too. Don’t be on no female’s case, who are you?!”