World First Gay Dating Site Founder Falls To Death

Henry Bedenhorst, 51, the founder of groundbreaking dating site Gaydar, hasbeen reported dead,

The gay website founder was reported to have died after falling from a tower block on Saturday in his native South Africa.

Report indicate that he died in a characteristic similar was to his partner, Gary Frisch, the co-founder and former partner, who fell to his death in London.

Both men, Gary Frisch and Henry Bedenhorst, created Gaydar, the gay dating website which went on to become the world’s largest dating site for gay and bisexual men.

Henry however stepped back from the company in 2010, three years after his partner’s death.

The current Managing Director of Gaydar, Rob Curtis, said while speaking to BBC, “He realised he changed the world in a way that surprised him.”

Mr Curtis added that the move has connected several LGBT people.

“It was difficult for gay men to find each other, and they were really the first gay social network – and the legacy of that has lived on.”