Woman who hit menopause at 22 makes dolls her babies.

Woman who hit menopause at 22 makes dolls her babies.

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A woman who has been menopausal for 17 years has taken to caring for dolls as her babies.

Jane Berry, 39, hit menopuase at 22, and reportedly takes to caring for dolls as her babies.She feeds them, takes them shopping, and does everything for them.

Jane is married to Peter Marflee, 51.

“When I found out I couldn’t have children it was like my world was turned upside down. I felt like I had been punched.
“I was so upset. I couldn’t get my words out. I had to see people my age with babies I was really jealous. You have to be happy for them but you’re hurting.

“When we got Amy it was like I was a different person it made me feel like a mum even though she’s a reborn. They make me feel like a unit.

“Peter has accepted the reborns. He doesn’t get involved as much as me but he will pick them up and he puts them to bed every night and he’ll give them a kis

“He was a bit embarrassed at first at how people would react but he is more comfortable with them now. It makes him happy and he has the same connection with them.We’ve always got one reborn with us. I usually take one baby out one day and another the next and separate my love that way.

“We treat them like children.

“We took them on holiday for two weeks in September for the first time. A lot of people understood but we would hear Chinese whispers about us.Sometimes I will feed them with a fake bottle. I will take care of them. You also have to pick them up like a baby.
“I have to use a dry make up brush to clean them. We also have a car seat in the van, they are spoiled.”

Woman who hit menopause at 22 makes dolls her babies.