Woman: My husband’s ex-wife told me something very strange

Woman: My husband's ex-wife told me something very strangeFrom a female blog reader:

I feel so stupid.
I married a divorcee, traditionally but he has refused to do court marriage because of fear from his past marriage, but I just find myself stalking his ex wife. I follow her with another account,monitor her on face book and ig, save almost all her pictures because she is so beautiful. Sometimes I keep wondering why a man will divorce such a beautiful woman. I was tempted one day to send her a message, introducing myself and telling her how much I admired her, she asked me what I wanted and I told her I wanted to be friends with her, she laughed at me, she gave me about 9 lol lol, and replied saying , that bone I left for you will pull out all your teeth,2nd hand , then she blocked me. Please should I tell my husband? I just feel stupid.