Woman: My husband gave me “blood money”

Woman: My husband gave me "blood money"

From a female blog reader:

My husband opened a business for me last year as soon as we got married, the business has been doing very fine but I don’t understand his method. Every month he borrows 200k he never pays back,when we got a bigger apartment last few months, I paid for the house from my business money , plus the 200k be borrows every month. He has made it a point of duty to collect 200k from me every month, the last time I refused to give him and I told him business was bad, he threatened to close down the business since it is not moving well. I don’t know what to do, I have no savings, I cook, and do almost everything from the business money. My husband is working and earns up to 400k a month, I wonder why he won’t let me save . Am planing on leaving the business’s for him because am carrying the family on my head and I have not had time to make babies .the capital money he gave me is like blood money because he never let me progress.i need advise