Woman has condition that makes her reek of fish

Woman has condition that makes her reek of fish

This woman is suffering from a rare condition that makes you smell fish each time you are around her.

The condition is called Trimethylaminuria, causing Kelly Fidoe-White from Manchester to smell of fish and onions.

To mitigate it she spends awful amount of time scrubbing her skin red and burying herself in deodorants and perfumes; but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Trimethylaminuria is a condition which causes one’s body to be unable to break down a compound found in food that contains a substance called Choline, meaning a lot of ingredients are off the menu. People suffering from the condition regularly produce a range of strong bodily odours including rotten fish, onion and faeces. Kelly describes her own smell as ‘fishy-oniony’.

She works a night job to reduce contact time with people, and says her husband accepts her, boosting her confidence.

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