Woman bathes daughter-in-law with acid,locks her up

 Kenya is fast becoming notorious for tales of domestic violence.

Another news has surfaced over a mother -in-law soaking her daughter-in-law in acid, and locking her up in a room for days on end.

The woman, Margaret Masali, allegedly locked up her 20 year old daughter-in-law, Reginalda, a nursing mother, and locked her up for two weeks to rot to death.

The victim who was tied to a pole in the room, was found with both her legs and fingers in a state of decay, which was amputated at Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital, as the acid had liquefied parts of her limb.
According to edaily, the incident happened in Soysambus sub-location in Ndalu Bungoma County area of Kenya.

The police is currently investigating the matter, while the woman has denied the allegation.

Woman bathes daughter-in-law with acid,locks her up