Will he leave me when he’s rich?

Will he leave me when he's rich?

From a female blog reader:

Been dating this guy since 200lvl although when i ws with him in 200lvl it felt like a joke to him but i really did care about him because he wasnt giving me the attention i needed…now we done with uni we are still together hes showering me with love after hes noticed i got other admirers.
So here is the point, after we finished i got a job I’m running 3 professional courses alongside, he’s been jobless for 2yrs sitting at home and he’s fine with it until i had a huge fight with him because i don’t want a man who is a liability.I advised him to go take some courses to boost himself because sciences really isn’t the way anymore but he refused.
After all the quarrels, 6months down the lane, he’s gotten a job as a contract staff and am earning thrice his pay but he doesn’t know because if he finds out the inferiority complex might just set in.A year down the lane he was advised to resign because he wasn’t punctual at work anymore because he started running full time Msc in a science related course, which i told him not to opt for full-time and not sciences but he refused.
This guy is a good person, loyal(i think), trust him to an extent, religious, but he can be lazy and doesn’t like to leave his comfort zone.My fears are sticking with him now that he’s broke and he seems all loyal but what if he has money what would he do?I’m not sure I’m in love but i know i care about him so much.
Im going to be 24 in June and i plan to settle down latest by 25 and he hasn’t even gotten a hold of his life…Now i got a better paying job i cant even tell him because he might just freak out.i want a good relationship, look up to the guy am with and then be happy because right now am not happy.
Admin please am confused should i break up with him and how?