Why Nigerian Men Appear Not To Be Romantic – Actress

Nigerian actress, Ufedo Sunshine, has in a recent interview opened up on why most Nigerian men appear to be not-so-romantic.

Why Nigerian Men Appear Not To Be Romantic - Actress

As this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration approaches, the actress further revealed that she is a virgin.

The Kogi state born actress while speaking in a recent chat stated that Nigerian men have a whole lot to deal with on a daily basis hence reducing their time span for romance.

She said: “Who dash monkey banana? Romance fire! Fuel scarcity alone won’t let Nigerian men be romantic. I will rate them 2/10 please. The thing is, Nigerian men go through a lot in this country that has left them with no room for romance. Just my thoughts though, but some of them act romantic sometimes.”

Speaking further, the Nollywood actress who starred in Pure Honey alongside some notable names in the industry spoke on her rumoured secret marriage.

She said: “Is this a ‘let’s hear from the horse’s mouth situation?’ Well, I’m a virgin please. Hahaha. I think relationships, marriage, civil partnership should be kept out of social media.”

Why Nigerian Men Appear Not To Be Romantic - Actress

She continued: “When you post your relationship online, and something goes wrong, you come back and post what has gone wrong, explaining the situation and be making a fool out of yourself”.

Speaking on celebrities hiding their relationships from the media to avoid intrusion, the actress said: “I can only laugh. Anyone who allows him/herself to be snatched, was never meant for you. It’s as simple as it sounds. Anyone that does not respect and love you enough to stay away from your colleagues, does not deserve you. You can only get drowned in water when you go into it.”

Speaking on her choice to maintain her natural skin color, the actress chipped in, “When you go black you can’t go back. Black is beautiful. Black has always been cool and black is currently being recognised even though those bleaching haven’t realised that. I am proud to be born black. I can never bleach my skin for anything in the world. I sincerely feel sorry for the bleachers, they are not aware of the danger they are causing to their skin. You can’t even sit comfortably with some, their skin stinks already from bleaching. I love my coconut oil and shea butter.”