Why It’s Hard For An Actress To Find Husband – Aisha Ibrahim

Nollywood actress, Aisha Ibrahim has in a recent interview opened up on why it is hard for actresses to secure themselves husbands.

Expressing her opinion on the matter, the budding actress revealed that late marriages within actresses is because men find it hard to trust them.

Speaking during a chat with potpourri, the Kano-born actress said; “it is not easy for an actress to find a husband, most times we come across men who do not want us for wives, they only want us for a fling. They believe so many people are after us and can’t bring themselves to trust an actress and settle down with her. So, even if a man gets together with an actress, it doesn’t last because not every man is comfortable with a person that is always away on set.

It takes only a man that understands the nature of the job and is ready to support, but then as an actress you have to make your man trust you no matter what.”

The actress further revealed that she is in a relationship and would soon make all things official. She added: “I’m in a relationship and I see myself getting married soon by the grace of God.”