Why I’ll never assist any man financially ever again – Girl narrates

Why I'll never assist any man financially ever again - Girl narrates

From a female blog reader:

I am a 21 year old graduate nd I thought I was in love ??
Im pretty,Smart and everyone knows me as a go getter, I work hard and try my best to assist everyone I can . I met this guy on Instagram about 9 months ago we started talking nd he seemed really nice so I decided to date him it was nice at first I liked it, I am too emotional but as emotional as I am I still don’t hide the truth from myself.
I fell in love with him nd even assisted  him financially  but I didn’t even care even after my friends told me to stop
He kept on talking about how he was gonna take me to his village by December nd all my instincts told me not to trust him but I was already madly in love with him. I stopped hanging out with my friends nd even going out because I didn’t even want to create a room fr cheating all I wanted was someone I could be myself with, someone that could push me nd help me grow mentally while I do the same fr him. I continued assisting him till recession hit my çompany nd I lost my job,when he realised I couldn’t give him money anymore, he started yelling at me fr every little thing whenever I visited him he would make me feel like I was nobody my brain already knew watsup but my heart couldn’t handle it.
He continued that way till I heard him talking to a girl on the phone about how much he loves nd adores her nd was gonna get her anything she needs nd so on
This is someone i never lied to, someone I gave my pure heart
I broke up with him but I’m shattered in pain nd emotional trauma I didn’t tell my friends about it bcos I know they ll laugh at me forever I needed to talk to someone nd that’s why I wrote you, no girl deserves to be used nd lied to
I believe in God nd I know his punishment awaits him…P.S I will never assist a guy financially till I know he is my husband