“Why are my relationships always like this?”

"Why are my relationships always like this?"

From a male blog reader:

For abt 2yrs now am having issues with my past relationship especially not been loved bt after what I have(money and material things)i decided nt to date a yoruba lady and go for another tribe,i came in contact with dis lady on a social network and due to where she came from(town)that they don’t stick to one man,So I Tout her own will be different,so I decide nt to disclose my identity to her…..play along with her as if I don’t have anything probably for some months alist by then I will knw the stuff she is made up of,she came to my place for the 1st time and something lead to each other and we have sex that day and she left the following morning and there is guy picture on her phone of wish I asked her who is dis person on ur phone,she said the guy is her best friend that she even trust the guy than his Dad,i was furious abt this guy bt i didn’t say anything to her,so she came down to my place the second time wish I now put it to her that who is this person,she said I should nt disturb myself,after she left my place she was saying all sort of rubbish abt me that am poor and can’t take care of him before she open up her mouth that he is dating the guy bt they have issues so he just want to use me to wipe away time for them to come back,while all ladies are like this,i don’t knw what to do or even say to her