“Which Of These Ladies Should I Marry?”

"Which Of These Ladies Should I Marry?" 

I have 2 ladies I consider okay for marriage.

The first, is with 8 years relationship. The second is 4-5 years.

Both relationships had breif breakups.

Now that I want to settle down, both are pulling me hard and I just can’t choose between the two or marry both.

The first is tough, often nags and has betrayed me in the past but we resolved issues.

She is the SU type, don’t use earings and the skirts type. accepted by Mum.

The second is gentle like a dove. Can’t finish two wraps of moi moi. Loving and respectful. Never nags. Always obedient and far more beautiful and presentable. But with past relationships that I don’t appreciate. Has committed abortion in past relationship. Not the SU type as she uses earings and put on trousers. My mum don’t like her.

I need advice on what to do. I have been praying that one finds an alternative but they are pulling harder as they disvover i’m about to get married.

They know each other through whatsapp now.

What do I do. I am in a dilenma

By an anonymous reader via e-mail.