“What’s the next move I need to make?”

"What's the next move I need to make?"

From a female blog reader:

So I need some help and suggestions
. I am a 24 year old female and was dating my now ex for almost three years . We recently broke up a month ago due to arguments and stress.
We’ve gone through so much together especially considering our relationship was distant but we tried to make it work and see each other as many times as we could. He really trusted me but I had a hard time trusting him especially when I wasn’t around. I just have the insecurity. I’d blame him for things he hadn’t done because of my over thinking. The problem is with long distance, the stress is already too much knowing you can’t see each other, arguments are 10x more than when we are together. He eventually got tired of my arguments and accusations. So during this break up it’s been very hard to cope with, but I’ve thought of my wrongdoings and learned that I’m losing a good man because of my habits.
The problem now is that, he doesn’t want to fully say we’re done for good, he keeps saying he needs time whenever I try to talk and see if anything can be solved.
He claims that our relationship was too stressful. So for me, I just needed closure and I keep asking him what he wants since he keeps asking me to give him time ( That we may get back together) he says he’s also
Trying not to think about us but think about his job at the moment. So when will he ever think about us is my concern
I want to know if we’ll ever get back together or if I should just move on permanently
but hes not telling me , he won’t tell me but wants me to hold on until he feels ready. I don’t want to wait only to realize I’ve wasted time. I love him so much. During the break up I’ve tried learning how to become a better person for the relationship.
but I’m stuck in between waiting, giving him time away which I’m not sure for how long or just try to move on . Please tell me what to do
I don’t know what I’ll do or feel if he does anything with another girl. .I just can’t imagine him with someone else , it kills me. And this is all due to my constant arguing. .please help