What supplements are worth buying?

What supplements are worth buying?

First  of  all,  there  is  no  food  or  vitamin  supplements  (with  some  exceptions)  that  you  must  take. Supplements  lack of all of the nutrients and benefits that whole  foods can offer and  they  can  not, in any way, substitute the real food. So adding supplements to your daily regimen completely depends on your health conditions, fitness goals and your eating diet or habit. So, maybe, dietary supplements do not  worth  the  expense.

However,  your  doctor  can  prescribe  you  specific vitamins or  minerals in  case your  body  lacks any of them.The rest is your personal  choice.  There  are  hundreds  of  brands  of  health  and  nutrition  supplements. Jiji.ng offers premium quality products at affordable prices. Buy only  those  supplements  what  really work.

But  before  you  go  shopping  for  supplements,  let us  get  some  facts  straight.  If  you  are  in good health  and  stick  to  a  balanced  diet,  which  includes  dairy  products, fish, differents meats,  whole  grains,  fruits  and  vegetables, additional supplements  might  not  be worth  of  money.
However,  there  are  situations  and  health  conditions  when  supplements  are  required:

1. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you must consume  no  less  than  400  micrograms  a  day  of  folic  acid.  It  shall  come  from whole  foods  that  naturally  contain  folate.  In  addition  to  that,  you  may  need  to  add  some  folic  acid  supplements  as  well.

2. Age

Elder  people  or  seniors usually lack of vitamin B12, so their diet must contain foods  packed  with  vitamin  B12,  such  as  beef  liver,  lean  meats  or  take  multivitamins  that  contain  B-12  or  a  separate  B12  supplement.  Vitamin B12.

3. Weight loss

If  you  are  on  a  diet  and  consume  less  than  1200  calories  a  day  and  your  food  variety  is  limited, consider some vitamins to support your body with additional nutrients.

4. Life style 

If  you  are  a  vegetarian  or a  vegan  and  you  are  not  able  to  eat  a  balanced  diet,  adding supplements such as vitamin D will help to strengthen your bones and fight depression, iodine is for healthy thyroid and beta-carotene for healthy skin and hair. If you do not eat  fish or seafood or have it once a week, you  should definitely add Omega 3/ fish oil supplements  to  your  daily  regimen.  Fish oil helps to fight anxiety, age related mental disorder and also lowers risks of a heart failure.

5. Health conditions

If  you  suffer from  chronic  diarrhea,  food  allergies,  food  intolerance  or  a  disease  of  the  liver,  gallbladder,  intestines  or  pancreas  you  should  have  appropriate  supplements  added  into  your  daily  diet  plan.  These  special  medical  conditions  do  not  allow  your  body  to  absorb  or  use  food  nutrients  properly.