What I learnt from my 13 years at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Frank Edoho

What I learnt from my 13 years at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Frank Edoho

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire reality TV show presenter Frank Edoho, has revealed that being consistently on the show for more than a decade has really affected his lifestyle.

According to the entertainer,

“I’m a full broadcaster and everything I do revolves around entertainment. I don’t do anything else. However, I have a lot of new things that I’m working on at the moment. I like working behind the scenes and pushing my projects. I’m tired of being onscreen. I think it’s time to give opportunity to other people. I and my production company are churning out some radio programs and a TV show.”

Continuing, he talked about WWTBAM saying,

“The underlying theme for me is that knowledge is power. And for everything you want to do, you have to work for it. Even to win money on the show, people have to sit down and answer 15 questions. It has also taught me how to be a proper professional because I treat every episode in a different way and I prepare for it painstakingly. Preparation and hard work are the basis for success.
“I believe that God is the major factor that has kept me on as the presenter of the show. Anybody can be removed at anytime, so I’m not flattered by the fact that I’ve been there for 13 years; it doesn’t mean that I’m the best broadcaster.

“There are different aspects of broadcasting; for TV, the person has to look good, exude confidence and speak wonderful English. And I don’t mean common English but one that would command the attention of people and ensure that they get your message. You also have to work hard and read a lot. It is helpful to watch other broadcasters that you admire and before long, their talents would rub off on you.”

On the glory of appearing on the famous show, Edoho added:

“A white person once recognised me at a mall in Sweden and I consider that to be very memorable. There have also been a couple of ladies getting naughty but apart from that, there hasn’t really been anything exciting. I think it’s just a privilege that I’m on TV; anybody that is on TV would be popular. I also believe that it’s the show that is popular and not me.”