“What happened when I went to ask a politician for N2m today”

A couple of months ago, I was in Nigeria and I needed to see a close friend of mine for an important discussion and we concluded to hold the meeting in a nearby fast food joint. I arrived at the place earlier and decided to take some snacks while waiting for my friend.

I was almost finishing my drink when a man dressed in a white flowing Agbada walked in with a briefcase. Judging from his look and medium-sized potbelly, one can sense that he’s a politician. He barely sat down and ordered for what he will eat when a young lady came to his table crying profusely. She narrated how her Dad was admitted into hospital for surgery and the Doctors requested for N300,000.00 deposit before the operation can be carried out.After consoling this young lady and asking for her details, the man just picked his briefcase and gave the lady a million naira cheque. Like a sprinter, the lady ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

Not up to 5 minutes later, a middle-aged man came to the same man and prostrated before him. He explained how he was sacked unjustly and now he needed to pay his rent and start a small business. This man again told him to stand up, asked for his details and gave the man 2 Million naira cheque. 

I sat there motionless and I began to think of the story to get my share of this man’s “National Cake”. I stood up, walked up to him and began to cry. I was about to tell my own story when I heard “CUT ! “. Someone tapped me and said “young man, we are shooting a film HERE !” Choi! I nearly cried.
"What happened when I went to ask a politician for N2m today"
Culled from Facebook.