“We were about getting married and then this happened”

"We were about getting married and then this happened"

From a female blog reader:

Pls help me post These to get advice from people, cuz I don’t know what to do anymore.

 I did my introduction 5months ago with my fiancee after her proposed to me. Two weeks after the intro, we were planning on going to ikoyi registry to seal it up only for him to get back from work one night and told me we have to postpone the whole thing.. I asked him why, all he said was his mum found out we weren’t suppose to live together and have sex together before marriage. I got angry at first and asked him why he allowed me visit him from time to time when he Knows the right thing, he apologized and the next morning I moved back to my house. So after the all drama, he went to his pastor and his pastor told him that the both of us has committed adultery and fornication and that we have to ask God for forgiveness, and that when God forgives us we can continue with the marriage preparations. Then I started counting down, and I’m still counting down .i left for nysc camp, after 2weeks I got to camp he called me to tell me that he’s not interested in the Relationship anymore, he said he doesn’t love me anymore. He begged and begged me to forgive him and all I could do was cry my eyes out. I asked him what I’ve done wrong bit he couldn’t just tell me one thing I did wrong. I’ve called his mum she doesn’t pick my calls anymore. I’ve tried taking to his younger brother, and he told me to just have patience. My fiance doesn’t even pick my calls anymore. He changed all the 3lines he has, blocked me and deleted me everywhere… At one point he sent me a message with an unknown number saying that his pastor told him I don’t love him and that my aura isn’t good and that if he marries me, my own star will overthrown his own and that I’ll make him broke. This is the same Pastor that said we are good to go and that theres no problem whatsoever. I Sent him a message back asking him why his so called pastor didn’t see all these in me before we did the intro and he replied saying his pastor made a mistake, cuz initially when I was suppose to go see his pastor I was in Scl for my clearance, initially