We robbed Onazi because he doesn’t help people – Suspected armed robbers

We robbed Onazi because he doesn't help people - Suspected armed robbers

In a confessional statement issued after their arrest by the Lagos State Police Command, the four suspected armed robbers behind the robbing of footballer Ogenyi Onazi’s dad in Jos Plateau State, explained why they carried out the attack. The gang members namely  Kingsley David, Ebuka Ugochukwu, Joseph Ozo and Ali Audu were arrested where they lodged at Shibiri Hotel in Lagos when an informant told the Police that some suspicious persons where trying to sell a car (Onazi’s) at the hotel on Wednesday 14 September 2016.

The leader of the gang, Kingsley David, a 24-year-old poly graduate, narrating the incident, said:

:We are all friends. We planned the robbery a week to the actual day. I live close to the man’s house and I sold the idea to my friends.

“Our intention was just to take his car for the Sallah break. I didn’t follow them into the house. I only pointed the place to them and they finished the job. It was after they were done that I joined them in the vehicle.”

Ebuka Ugochukwu from Idemili, Anambra State added:

“We discovered that the man is old and he lives alone in that big house. He does not stay with his wife or even house help. There was no security man guarding the house or any other form of security. We also robbed him because he does not help people.

“When we got to the house, we knocked the gate and pretended as if we wanted to deliver a letter to him from Lagos. While he was checking the letter, we brought out our cutlass. We just held him by the hand as he begged us not to harm him.

“We asked him to take us to his bedroom and he did. He said he didn’t have any money in the house, but we took his ATM card, which we couldn’t use because it had expired.

“He gave us N5,000. We also stole his vehicle. We didn’t touch him because of his advanced age; if we had touched him, he could have died.

“Kingsley (David) brought the idea. He said he knew Pa Onazi’s house, adding that we could rob him, take his vehicle and sell it in Lagos. They invited me because I can drive very well. I was promised a share of the money.

“We were not afraid because the car papers were complete. It was due to indecision between Kingsley (David) and Ebuka (Okechukwu) that delayed the sale.”