“We finally made love and he disappeared”

"We finally made love and he disappeared"

From a female blog reader:

I have been worried for sometime now. I met a guy on IG, I was skeptical at first cos I don’t believe in social media love But after a while (months) of chatting with him I fell in love and I thought he loved me too. He doesn’t live in the country but he came back recently and I went to the airport to pick him up. We had unprotected sex! ( I know too bad) but it happened, we planned it to happen cos according to him “he wanted something serious” I accepted (foolish me). Now the problem is that he travelled to his hometown and I never heard from him for more than one week now, I don’t have his Nigerian number cos he didn’t have as at when we were together. I know he’s ok cos I send him msg on whatsapp and he receives and never replies. I have called his younger brother severally and he Said his bro already bought a sim. I’m so scared to my bones, I just want to know what went wrong not like i want him back tho. PS: this guy is NOT my class, but I just love him and i.m finer in person than in pictures which he confirmed. Pls insults are allowed