We broke up and now I’m addicted to smoking, young woman laments

We broke up and now I'm addicted to smoking, young woman laments

From a female blog reader:

I messaged you earlier about my crashing relationship but it wasn’t posted but that’s not why am here now. It has finally ended and trust me, it’s the hardest, frustrating, teary, useless and non-productive (I can go on)1 month of my life and I don’t wish even my enemies what I have been through.
This issue here now is, as a 24year old girl, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke. I don’t know what highness feels like , worst i do is 2 gulp of baileys and my legs are tingling and I sleep off. This break up forced me to start drinking and smoking, I took marijuana and I almost ran mad. But what I find myself addicted to is this cigaret called ORIS. I smoke atleast 1 pack everyday and I want to stop. I have forgotten about this guy and am soo moving on, but I can’t get my hands off this cigaret. Please what should I do, I don’t wana die young , my ppl needs me and me I need to enjoy this life ooo. Solution please