We are ready to fight Niger Delta Avengers – OPC

We are ready to fight Niger Delta Avengers - OPC

Leader of OPC (full form Oodua Peoples Congress) group, Gani Adams, explained that the controversial militia is ready to battle Niger Delta militants who destroy oil facilities in the country.

Gani Adams, speaking on Sunday narrated,

“For instance, after the abduction of the Oba of Iba and subsequent arrest of about 130 suspects between June and August, 2016, I was summoned to the police headquarters in Lagos.

“The commissioner of police said there was a signal from Abuja that I should be careful with my statements so that I would not cause an inter-ethnic crisis. I told them I could not keep quiet when my people were being killed.

“If you are not called to save someone and you venture into such an operation, you can land in trouble. If the government believes that we have a role to play in security, it would carry us along.

“We would try our best to rout the militants if the government tells us it needs our assistance.”