Usain Bolt To Play For Borussia Dortmund

Jamaican athlete and sprinter, Usain Bolt, has been tipped to be considering a footballing career after the sprinter has been linked to several training sessions at Manchester United’s Stadium, Old Trafford.

The Olympic legend has been reported to have been offered an open invitation to train with German Bundesliga side, Borussia Dortmund for a year.

Usain Bolt according to reports will most likely take up the footballing offer as he revealed over the weekend that will indeed participate in a trial with the club.

The 32 year old athlete however stated that his goal isn’t to play alongside Christian Pulisic at Dortmund.

Bolt said over the weekend: “In March we’re going to do trials with Dortmund and that will determine what I do with that career, which way it goes. If they say I’m good, and that I need a bit of training, I’ll do it.”

He further added: “It makes me nervous. I don’t get nervous but this is different, this is football now. It’ll take time to adjust but once I play a few times I’ll get used to it. It was the same when I started track and field.

“I was nervous for a while until I started getting used to the crowd, people and everyone around and it falls into place.

“One of my biggest dreams is to sign for Manchester United. If Dortmund say I’m good enough, I’ll crack on and train hard.

“I’ve spoken to Alex Ferguson and I told him he needs to put in a good word. He told me if I get fit and ready, he will see what he can do.”