Unrest: Chris Brown explains what happened outside his house today

Unrest: Chris Brown explains what happened outside his house today

Chris Brown recorded a video of himself which he uploaded on Instagram after a minor unrest – which could have escalated into something else – occurred at his Los Angeles home today.

The 27-year-old singer was heard saying:

“Every three months ya’ll come up with something bro, what’s going to be next? And all this news shit ya’ll ain’t doing nothing but giving me better publicity.”

According to TMZ,

…the incident occurred at Brown’s L.A. home on Tuesday morning when the woman claims that he allegedly pulled out a gun on her. Initial reports say that the two were in the home arguing when all of this occurred.

Further into the investigation it was reported that Brown and a few friends, which also included Ray J, were in the home when some uninvited guests appeared. The argument allegedly sparked once they were asked to leave the home.

However, Chris Brown took to his Instagram to address the situation. Apparently he was asleep the entire time and had awakened to the authorities outside of his home. This situation has been labeled as another attack of the media on Chris Brown and he is absolutely fed up.

Recently Brown released the music video to his single, “Grass Ain’t Greener” and he pointed out the fact that every time he releases a new project, some crazy story in the media begins to circulate.
This incident continues to develop as Chris Brown claims his innocence.