UK Economy Gets £20 billion from International Students

A latest report has indicated that international students in the UK are worth £20billion to the UK economy.

The report released by the Higher Education Policy Institute reveals that international students’ tuition fees, spending and other cost have become major factors in supporting local economies.

The report adds thar London alone gains £4.6bn, with Sheffield being the biggest beneficiary in proportion to its economy.

However, think tank’s director, Nick Hillman, has said in light of the recent report that the figures support calls to remove students from immigration targets.

Currently, there are about 230,000 students arriving each year for university courses in the UK with most of the students offering postgraduate courses and China being the most common country of origin.

The report further breaks down the financial impact of international students by parliamentary constituency listing the top 10 constituencies with biggest economic impact from international students to be;

Sheffield Central
Newcastle upon Tyne
Nottingham South
Oxford East
Manchester Central
Holborn and St Pancras (London)
Liverpool, Riverside
East Ham (London), and
Birmingham, Ladywood