Tony One Week criticizes Chiwetalu Agu for constant usage of exclamations in movies

Tony One Week criticizes Chiwetalu Agu for constant usage of exclamations in movies
Veteran Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu is known for his comic relief in movies where he exclaims one or two funny lines in each movie.

Now, Anambra State House of Assembly member and musician Tony One Week thinks it’s high time Chiwetalu Agu stops.

He wrote:

Like Chief Zebrudaya will say “Fafafaaaaa…. Fowl”. I read that Gideon condemned Chiwetalu Agu’s vulgarity in movies and actress Chioma rebuked Gideon. And I ask: For what?
The young man simply stated the very obvious. Famous actor Chiwetalu Agu’s lines can be very irritating. Truth be told. D guy can talk nonsense.

And overtime, his nonsense has moved from being funny to annoyingly irresponsible. Its
high time someone told him that he is no longer funny.

How can u say a vulgar word or sentence and repeat it from the begining to the end of the movie every time u appear? A movie ideally should have a positive message even as it entertains.

What is educative about vulgar statements? Is the intention to corrupt or destroy?. I support Gideon 100%. Ogwu should be more responsible abeg. Does he have children? D guy is is a good actor but in recent times too unnecessarily vulgar bro.

Can I forget “Igwe ejee nga”?. That’s vintage Ogwu in Taboo speaking clean but very apt and entertaining. What he says these days are almost demonic.

The worst is d repetition. Must every uselessly vulgar line be repeated like three four times in a scene and then in all d scenes he appears in a movie. Haba. I blame producers for d repetition.
Most of our movies these days are scriptless. No script. No story. Thats why every actor says what he likes in d name of comedy. And to think they believe they are making us happy when they actually make us angry most times?

Honestly, anyone who supports Chiwetalu Agu’s persistent use of vulgar language has little or no moral foundation. Who is talking about censorship here? Are movies censored in Nigeria? How do they regulate who buys the DVDs meant for adults when children sell them?
Common… everybody watches everything jare. Nwoke na akoghelizi akogheli and it ain’t funny any more than its destructive.