TMZ is reporting that Tyga’s $2.2m Maybach has been seized due to debt

TMZ is reporting that Tyga's $2.2m Maybach has been seized due to debt
In addition to his Ferrari which was repossessed by his dealer after failing to make some monthly payments (although Kylie Jenner claimed it was a prank – read here), rapper Tyga’s Maybach was seized for the same reason on Saturday. The vehicle is thought to worth about $2.2m.

According to the report by TMZ:

Tyga should have a rewards card for the repo man — in addition to his Ferrari, we found out he recently lost a Maybach too!

Sources with direct knowledge of the deal tell us the rapper’s 2014 Maybach 62 S Landaulet broke down a couple months ago, and got towed to a Laguna Niguel repair shop. We’re told Tyga had missed a few payments, naturally, so the financing company put someone on the job.

We’re told a source tipped off the repo man about the $2.2 million whip’s whereabouts, and Tyga never saw it again. He had the whip for a couple years though, so as his vehicles go … that’s a pretty good stretch.