This teen can’t be touched, can’t feed

 Some people are really at the top of the suffering and pain ladder.

Madisyn Yuhas, 18, is suffering from a rare skin condition that makes it impossible to feed or be touched. When she is touched, the outer skin layer peels off.

The condition is called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, and the slightest friction on her skin could mean loss of the epidermis, the outer layer.

Madisyn spends her days in pain and is constantly alert to avoid body contact. She is mostly covered in bandages from her neck down and feeds through a tube because chewing gives her severe blisters in her mouth. The inability to feed properly has caused her to be underweight. Sadly, her condition has no cure and she has to live with it.

She was born without skin to her knee, and it has worsened as she ages, confining her to a wheel chair and stripping her of her love- dancing.
May God in His mercies heal her.
This teen can't be touched, can't feed
This teen can't be touched, can't feed