"The Nigerian "Yahoo boy" starter pack" by Emmanuel Kings

"The Nigerian "Yahoo boy" starter pack" by Emmanuel Kings
Yahoo Yahoo is a moniker for Internet fraud. Yahoo boy/girl is someone who partakes in Internet fraud.

This article was written by EMMANUEL KINGS.

Normal Nigerian Yahoo Boy starter pack with local mentality after getting paid 

-changes name to ‘cash funds’
-Buy’s a Manchester United or Asernal Jersey and imprints something relating to ‘funds’ with numbers ’99 or 100 or $1000
Goes to shoprite and buy’s somethings he clearly doesn’t need to buy and then takes pictures to post on facebook
-Buy’s a gold chain and gold belt
-Changes foot kicks to normal palm all the time! E.g Adidas or Nike
-goes to dread lock mode
-Rushes into buying a car other than opening another stable source of income or owning an apartment’s
-Buy’s an iPhone and takes a mirror photo to show it off with his gold belt and gold chain
-Always rants about hustle and uses the terms ‘more fund’ or ‘may God provide me funds’
-Changes name to ‘WF’ too
-Most of them have pimples
-They’d be balling hard but they still live with their parents! Never contributes financially to the family,they are balling hard while their mothers still wears their old wrappers!

Spend money on girls and weed! But will hardly buy gifts or whatever for their mothers or fathers or even younger siblings

This is why everything is casted in Nigeria now!

Ya’ll new generation of Gee boys are too casting! Rant shii and do shii all for publicity and fame and hardly even take care of your own family ‘MR more funds’ to what shall it profit a man to make all the temporary money he can make and still not invest on anything or at least take care of his parents and younger siblings?

Nigerians too dey cast and that’s why una money dey always finish because una no dey get sense! Read this and have sense!keep your work to yourself and help your family??

Stop ranting about what u didn’t even earn! There are others getting paid everyday but u’d hardly see them rant and u’d see the money on their family members and theirselves or better still secure your future.