The change we promised Nigerians is already manifesting – FG

The change we promised Nigerians is already manifesting - FG

During the Federal Government town hall meeting in Enugu State on Sunday 31 August 2016, minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed was quoted as saying:

“The change we promised is already here, and it is manifesting all around us. Before now, public officials simply opened the public till, took as much money as they wanted and walked away, without consequences! That explains why funds allocated to the military to fight Boko Haram ended up in the piggy banks of many unscrupulous Nigerians.

“Today, all those who looted the public treasury are being made to answer for their actions, as impunity gives way to accountability. Many have offered to return their loots, and many more are facing charges. At the last count, the Federal Government has made cash recoveries worth 78 billion Naira; 185 million dollars; 3.5 million Pounds and 11,250 Euros. In addition, over 9 billion dollars in suspected stolen funds have been frozen in various bank accounts. These are funds that would have built roads, hospitals, schools, power stations, etc.

“Now, those who have allegedly pocketed them are answering questions from the authorities and facing charges in court. If this is not change, what is?”