Teacher beats student to death in Zamfara State

A Government Day Secondary School Zamfara teacher has been reported to have beat one of the students of the school to death.

According to reports, the teacher in the school located in Sankalawa, Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State was alleged to have flogged the student to death on Wednesday.

The incident was revealed by the Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Muhammad Abubakar-Gummi, who described the matter as one of urgent public importance.

Speaking during the State House assembly’s sitting in Gusau, the Speaker stated that the house had received several reports on the issue.

He noted that another incident in similar vein occured at the Government Female Day Secondary School, Kwatarkwashi, which led to severe injury being inflicted upon the student after the Vice Principal was alleged to have subjected the pupil to heavy punishment.

Gummi while speaking during the session said: “These problems apart from discouraging our children from acquiring education, also revealed poor attitude to work on the part of teachers in this state.”

He further called on the State House Assembly to summon the Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology in the state to explain steps which have been taken to properly address the issues.

The Speaker, Sanusi Rikiji, while also speaking on the issue said: “It is part of our responsibilities to ensure effective security and good learning atmosphere for our children for their future development. Therefore, we cannot allow teachers to continue harassing our children from schools.”