Strange: Generator noise makes my girlfriend horny, man cries out

Strange: Generator noise makes my girlfriend horny, man cries outFrom a male blog reader:

Strange behaviour
Without generator noise she can’t get wet or get to orgasm. When I first met her I taught I was the one,she was always so stiff,never get wet,always complaining that am hurting her and never gets to orgasm,I started losing interest in her,not until the day nepa came and cut our light and the whole compound had to use gen. When she came around that evening and I went to put on The gen,she pleaded with me to put it by my Window,I told her the smoke is not good for us but she insisted and I.put the gen by the window,I got into the house to wash my hands,when age grabbed me,she was so wet for the first time since I met her,I just fingred her and she got to orgasm and slept off. I was really surprised,we continued to enjoy sex until they fixed our light and things went back to normal,so I asked her,t then heshe opened up to me and told me that it is the generator sound that turns her on,that if I want to keep enjoying sex with her,I should just put on the gen close to my Window,the noisier the better. That was how I started buying fuel,light or no light,so long as she is around,generator must be on. I don’t know what happened last week and my net caught fire,almost burnt down my room if not for the help of God. I am tired of this strange generator noise girl and I want to call it off,the relationship is too expensive to maintain. I need advise