Step aside Mourinho, Buhari is the “special one” according to Okorocha

Step aside Mourinho, Buhari is the "special one" according to Okorocha

Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha hailed president Muhammadu Buhari as the “special one” following his return to Nigeria after weeks of stay in the United Kingdom due to an unrevealed medical condition.

Okorocha made this known via the Imo State Commissioner for Information and Public Utilities, Obinna Nshirim while on radio programme at Imo Broadcasting Corporation, IBC, in Owerri today.

His words:

“They told us APC is Muslim party. APC is Boko Haram. They would not watch us blame them. There is a mystic around church leaders.

“They called our governor Alhaji in government House and called him Boko Haram.

“If Buhari should succeed and God will help him to succeed in writing the wrongs, in changing the psyche of our people in bringing those desired change.

“Then these people, their reputation will go down and down to the bottom. So the best thing that can happen today is anything bad happening to Buhari.

“They will now come to tell you see God does not lie, we told you he took something that does not belong to him.

“Buhari at seventy something is Buhari not as strong as you are ? The important one is that he came with something special.

“And as one time head of state, who does not own an oil bloc, who does not own an upstair in his name he is something special.”