South African xenophobia: pastor latest victim

South African xenophobia: pastor latest victim

A Celestial Church of God pastor has been the latest Nigerian immigrant to bear the brunt of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

  He was beaten up by the locals during a protest which later turned violent aimed at registering their displeasure at the way Nigerians sell drugs and offer their children for prostitution.

 The pastor, Samson Sangojinmi, was then summoned, and on alighting from his Mercedes, he was manhandled by the mob before police arrived the scene and he was dragged inside by his members.

  “Some of the girls we found in the houses were high‚ wearing short outfits‚ who’ve ended up never leaving because they owed these Nigerians too much money.

“Enough is enough‚ we can’t trust the police anymore because they never do anything to help us‚” she said.