Somebody called me “ashawo” and my boyfriend couldn’t even defend me – lady

Somebody called me "ashawo" and my boyfriend couldn't even defend me - lady

From a female blog reader:

Hi fam. I’m going to make this short and I trust you guys to give reasonable advices. Pls keep me anonymous admin.  I’ve been dating my bf for a while now. He called me of recent to ask me if anyone has ever called me ‘dog’ or ‘ashawo’‎. I was shocked and immediately replied him that ‘no’. I asked why anyone would talk to me that way and asked him why he asked me such a question. He said a friend of his showed another friend my picture and the first comment the guy made was ‘dog’ ‘ashawo’. I asked him to tell me who it is but he refused. I’m not that type of girl and he knows. I’ve only been with a guy before him and I was never a call girl. The most painful part of it is.. he couldn’t defend me when he heard. He expected him to talk back right to the person’s face and defend his girlfriend but he did not. Now, I’m greatly pissed not just at him but why would someone say something of such about me??? I don’t know what to do right now. I feel like picking a great fight with him to make him realise he should have defended me or I should just act like nothing happened. It’s really disheartening. Thanks guys.