Social Media User Reveals Details Of How Late Robbery Kingpin Don Waney’s Boy Was Captured And Killed

A social media user who prayed to be anonymous has shared an alleged exclusive details of how the boy of Robbery and kidnap kingpin, Don Waney was killed alongside five others by security agencies on January 7, in Abuja.

The information shared by a social media user on independent blog, SDK, reads:

“Hi Stella, I want to give you a first hand information on how this Okotubo guy was caught in my area.

Please hide my identity oh.

He is friends with a guy I know very well.

So in December 2017, he told his uncle to help him get a house here in Abuja, so this guy I know was contacted and he got the house. That was how he started staying around here, then on December 28th he said he was travelling to the East not knowing he went to murder people and he still came back on 1st”.

How he was caught:

“The guy that got him the house has a wife, so their calls were trailed by SARS.

The wife was called to come to a bank near us to pick something for her hubby And she was arrested that was how her hubby was arrested too.

SARS took them to his house luckily and the guy was about leaving his house when they caught up with him, gun shots were fired it didn’t penetrate him until SARS did what I don’t know before it entered. Till now the young man who got him the house is still in the police net, his uncle that called this guy to get the house disappeared and that is one of the condition given to bail the guy.
Beware of who you gets a house for”!