Singer, Dice Ailes Reveals How He Was Almost Kidnapped In Lagos

Nigerian singer, Dice Ailes, made popular by his hit single, ‘Ella’, has taken to his social media page on Twitter to reveal that he was almost kidnapped at gun point in Lagos.

Coming days after Shuga actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson accused a Taxify driver of attempting to kidnap and rape her, the Chocolate City’s act wrote on his Twitter page: “Oh damn I almost got kidnapped last night .. God’s with me”

He added: “It’s really all fun and games till one of you tries to get home in the middle of the night and you get sandwiched by 2 cars at an under-bridge, and armed men come out one of the vehicles, pointing guns at you & your friends, trying to get you out of your car.

“And provisional security that was accompanying you home, driving in front of you, just continues driving and is no where to be found in these moments. I could have been taken away. I could have been killed. But we’re here making pepper spray Jokes.”