Should a lady get married to a man earning lesser salary?

Should a lady get married to a man earning lesser salary?From a female blog reader:

Please help me post this I need good advice.
I am 24 years old and in a serious relationship with a 33 year old man. The issue now is that although he is a good guy and all the qualities I want (he doesn’t cheat allows me to follow my Dreams and passion supports me with everything except cash because he is still struggling)
The guy is a doctor and cutting private practice to make ends meet . however me on the other hand I work with a new generation bank with a good pay(far higher than his) I drive a brand new car which I bought myself (he doesn’t have one yet but told me he is saving towards buying a TOKUNBO latter this year.
He is planning on getting married to me next year but I am concerned about his finances he is not getting that much from his medical practice and struggles with keeping up with his welfare although the bulk of his money now is spent on setting up his house to be ‘befitting for me’ when we get married according to him.. I am scared of marrying him I don’t want to get married to him and end of Carrying the financial responsibility of the house when I have a husband.. I need to make a decision quick should I go along with him hopping it gets better for him or bail out now? Please keep me anonymous.