“Should I scatter his relationship?”

"Should I scatter his relationship?"

From a female blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous. First of all let me start by saying i love what you are doing may God continue to bless you.
I’m 23 years old, 2013 i met this guy he is 10 years older than me, i never felt anything special for him at first, he is cool, caring and all that, we just talk about stuffs, relationship and everything. We kept on with our friendship he never mentioned anything about having a girlfriend and the time asked home he said “No”, later on i started developing feelings for him, i thought he felt the same way because of the way he touches me and he always talks about kissing me and all that.
Early this year we got really close and then i find out he has a girlfriend, i was really hurt and avoided him but he kept on coming close. In July he told me he likes me alot and that he doesn’t want to hurt me or his girlfriend, i didn’t say anything and made sure i avoided him.
Last month we got caught up in the moment and we kissed not just once he did it again and again, when i got home i felt really bad. Weeks later i saw a post on with him and his girlfriend, i was hurt and decided to forget about him and move on with my life but the guy doesn’t give up he has been calling me, wanting to see me or be with me. I’m really confuse because i don’t know what he wants, i don’t want to hurt anyone, if i decide to go with the flow i might end up getting deeply involved with him and i don’t want to get hurt, i want to move on with my life but he is not making it easy for me. Please i need your help and i will appreciate it if this is posted.