Should I return to my desperate ex who promised to change?

Should I return to my desperate ex who promised to change?From a female blog reader:

Please kindly post my story.i really need people’s advice.i dated this guy for 2years and endured alot.He always promise that he’s going to change and all.He earn 250k in a month and after working for a year,i still had to borrow him money to use for december.He’s always cheating even with oloshos,when i find out he beg like someone that will die in the next minute.Everyone know him as a liar and he’s always ready to take money from people with shame and alot.The problem is when we quarell he attempt suicide and sometime beg that he can’t live with me,so i always end with him.The last time i got depressed because he’s closest person to me my parents are dead.And i decided to work away,i met another guy and we are doing fine but ex bf can’t move on.Today he lost his job and his parents have been begging.i am confused.i am sure he won’t change,but he’s alwayd losing his sanity when we are apart.please help