“Should I marry the serious guy or wait for my boyfriend?”

"Should I marry the serious guy or wait for my boyfriend?"

From a female blog reader:
I must appreciate ur good work. Really it has helped to reset most of our mumu button to default. Kizzes?

Plz I need advice, insult, anyone that can restore my head again. I’m 27yrs, no stable relationship in fact d one I’m in I dunno Wat to call it. I met this guy this yr, he loves me n I love him too but recently he’s been acting up. He’s been complaining of late bout decline in income and d fact that biz is low. This has troubled him so much that he barely calls as frequent as he used to. Though at intervals he begs me to plz bear with him and pray for him but I’m getting tired ni. He isn’t talking bou marriage perhaps it’s d economy. Lol. Also, there’s this other guy I met during my NYSC 2yrs ago. He was sweet, loving, caring and the love making was superb. We were squashing everyday till I left that state. Severally he begged me to come visit frequently but i’ve constantly refused because he was a chronic womanizer. Now the disturbance don change gear, he calls always, leaves tonnes of Msgs on whatsapp 4 me, begging me that he’s ready to be serious, that he wants me back and this time with marriage in view. Now I’m confused cuz I do have a soft spot 4 dix post-nysc guy and if given chance could blossom to love and I also love the other guy. Can a lady possibly love two guys at a time? I don’t want to make a mistake plz. I’m just confused