“Should I let her go or should I put up a fight?”

"Should I let her go or should I put up a fight?"

From a male blog reader:

I just need opinions from the smart followers in here. Although I know some people would come here to type gibberish comments, I take solace in the fact that I am good at separating the wheat from the chaff.
What would you do if a lady (a former colleague of yours, a friend of yours over the years, but due to different career paths, distance separated you both), a lady that you both have been in constant touch for a year plus, you both then agreed to date (do the long distance relationship bcos you both work and reside in two different continents and hoping to live together soon), you speak every day on phone and thru all the social media platforms, you have talked about marriage, kids and building a family, you have shared deep secrets of yourselves to each other, you have even involved both families into the picture. You love her deeply and she claims she does as well. As a man, after about 9 months down the line of dating and constant communication, u finally decided to arm yourself with enough gifts, and even an engagement ring to go propose to your woman and prove to her, you are a man of integrity and you keep to your words. She was fully aware of your coming, because you both chose the dates way ahead and you both looked forward to your visit with so much euphoria and enthusiasm.
After flying for almost 18 hours cumulative flight time, u finally arrived her place, she accepts your gifts, and you are already strategizing in your head the occasion you would use for proposing. Suddenly this same lady doesn’t create time for you, claiming work is so buzy for her. You even slept in her house all the period you visited, but she would leave for work very early in the morning and not return until very late at night. No ample time to even bond together with you or even communicate at-least. She goes to bed as soon as she is back claiming very fatigued. Everything including her body language was just totally off and the complete opposite of what you are used to. After about 4 days into your visit, she finally opens up to u via a text message, saying the following (“I am sorry, I don’t think I am emotionally connected to you, and I would not want to go into marriage with someone I am not emotionally connected to. Marriage is a big deal and I won’t want to string you any further and waste our time. I am so sorry for all, forgive me. Please lock my apartment and keep the keys with the security guard”). To the best of your knowledge, you know you have been faithful and have kept a clean sheet, no trace of cheating or infidelity on your part. But yet you love this lady deeply.
Guys, what would you do?. Ladies, what would actually make a woman do such and act in such insensitive manner?
Do you advice this relationship should be fought for or just allow it go?
Admin, can you please post this quickly, but don’t be in a hurry not to keep me anonymous and hide my identity.