“Should I give my ex-girlfriend another chance or play her instead?”

"Should I give my ex-girlfriend another chance or play her instead?"

From a male blog reader:

In 2011 my girlfriend of 2years broke my heart..she cheated on me with her lecturer and bestfriends brother, I saw chat exchanges, and after i confronted her..she said she needed about 200k to pay her fees and pay some-bills, this was somebody I used to give all I had, sometimes I lie to my parents so I can raise money for her..meanwhile she never told me she needed money..few weeks later we broke up, I cried for 7months( she was my first love).
I picked up my broken heart and started hustling, and closing deals in 100 of millions..I will be 27 in a couple of months..have a MercedesE350 , Acura ZDX and Lexus LX350 renting a duplex in lekki and developing my house too..now last month I went for a friends wedding in Anambra, we both schooled in unizik and as Karma will have it I met my Ex-gf, she is good friends with the bride .

Immediately she saw me inside Acura she started to Famz me..she wouldn’t stop talking and hugging me..asking stupid questions..like where is your gf..I gave her my number brought her to my house . The busy body will cook and wash all the dishes and clothes…I don’t know who sent her, I have people who do that..even though she hurt me so bad, I still feel some affection for her although I am sure we will never get married cuz of what she did to me..

What do you think should I sleep with her and dump her because my rent is expiring and I am moving to a new place soon and the number she has is not my real number…or do I give her another chance, I kind of feel she is attracted to the good life and nothing more..