“Should I get back with my ex or move on with my lover?”

"Should I get back with my ex or move on with my lover?"

From a female blog reader:

Please post. I need advice from this platform.
My ex & I romance started over likes on each others page last yr. He asked for my # and we began talking every single day for months! He is based in Nigeria and I am abroad. That did not stop us from getting close tho cuz we both fell quickly. Now, our rship was not perfect but we came through a lot. So early this yr I came to to Nigeria for us to meet in person. When we finally saw, things were good at 1st. Chemistry was amazing, sex was goood. We laughed, played, etc. I loved him, he told me the same. But I soon found out he was still keeping girls that liked him around & didn’t see anything wrong in it. He’s very good looking, charming & has a good job so he’s used to it. My other big problem with him is that he is quick to temper. I was already in too deep so I tried to ignore my insecurities b/c he introduced me to his close friends & siblings. But it got worse & my emotions really got to me cuz we fought so much while I was there over things I was now doing. His complaint of me was I was disrespectful & didn’t make him feel like a man. He was right somehow. B/c when I saw that he wasn’t the man I thought he was b4, I lost so much respect for him. I resented the fact he didnt do anything he promised he would do & didnt seem to appreciate me at all. But I did not handle it well at all. Fast fwd. He broke up w/me! It was a painfully long breakup. Lots of things were said by both but we are again at an amicable place lol. After all, he still said I’m an amazing woman with faults he can’t handle tho. Yet he did something recently that he only did while we were 2gether. Were now talking again small & it sounds like he’s trying to see where I’m at but won’t be st8 fwd! Im confused. Btw Ive started seeing somebody who treats me way better than my ex, I just didn’t think I would be starting all over again too. What should I do?