“Should I continue with him or find myself a single guy?”

"Should I continue with him or find myself a single guy?"

From a female blog reader:

Good afternoon admin. Pls help me post I need advice. Am a 29 year old lady .Am a graduate but I run my own biz, am beautiful,hardworking and a wife Material trust me. love for me has never been an issue I consider strongly bc all along I focus on making money and Now am a boss. I fell in love about 2 years ago with a 48years old guy who was married with three kids in the UK before his wife went Out of hand,and d marriage was over. Two years after he came back to nig,we met at a friends party and that’s was it. He loves me with everything he has the he doesn’t have much. I now leave with him as I hardly can stay in my house without him. I have never loved sex b4 by with him sex is heavenly.he knows me more than I know my self. He washes even up-to my pants. I trust him so much and feel secured with him. The question is considering everything can I marry him. Or I should try and move on maybe I will get a single guy. Bc am not desperate for a child. Pls Don’t criticize me .only your thoughts. Thanks