“Should I confront him with what I just discovered?”

"Should I confront him with what I just discovered?"

From a female blog reader:

Hello admin, good morning… please I will like to share my story with you, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year now, at first when the relationship was fresh,he was always all over me I.e he calls every morning, drives down to my house , he takes me on dates but few months after everything changed.. i complained about his attitude and he came up with an excuse that he was always busy at work, fine I know his nature of his job , so had to just blend in with his attitude and all.. A few days back I was at his place to pick up something and one thing led to another I saw an envelope, inside it was a letter from a girl… got shocked n furious so I read , the lady who wrote the letter told him on how much she loves him n she’s always pained that he doesn’t tell her he loves her ( think they do Hve sex) she wishes to spend the rest of her life with him, said if she can’t have him to herself , no one will ( in the letter some names where stated , guess those ones too wants to have him for themselves) from the letter they are all colleagues at work…
So my question is do I need to ask him about the letter, because I am really confuse and scared… don’t know if the letter is old or new