“Should I ask him out or wait for his move?”

"Should I ask him out or wait for his move?"

From a female blog reader:

Okay I don’t have a problem exactly but I just need your ever helpful advice and probably criticism,I’m in the university and there is this guy i’ve been loving from afar ,he’s a brother to my flatmate and I didn’t know that at first,so when she introduced him to me I was very happy I finally found a reason to at least be a friend to him FIRST and get to know him. So I stumbled on their chats about a week ago and she (my flatmate) was asking him about me like (how’s you and patience now) that kind of thing and he said he really likes me but we don’t have a connection and that he wants a girlfriend. My question now is 1: should I just ignore him and cut the conversations ? 2:Or is there any hope of anything happening between us because I really really like him? 3: Can I get any tips on anything I could probably do to kick start what I really want?
4: Or I just move on quietly and bottle up everything I feel?
N.B: I’m rounding up my 3rd year and he’s in his finals.
Thanks a lot