She jokes that she’s a mammy water. Should I be scared?

She jokes that she's a mammy water. Should I be scared?
From a blog reader:

Pls keep me anonymous, nice work you doing btw. Pls my problem is short.. I had this nasty heartbreak in January so I ran from women, I became scared of them but I started getting along with this beautiful intelligent girl I met through my friend not long, she gave me loads of headache trying to get attention, after about 4months, we started talking well and she said she has feelings for me now daadaada, she said that she didn’t have any relationship because every man always thought of sex first once they see her because of her curves, Damnnn, I must confess, she has a very hot body, nice skin too.. Now she feels comfortable with me and came to see me this weekend just the first getting to know each other stage. Now i stay alone and the issue is while I was asking her out, she use to joke that “Ehh, her bed is under the water, I should come and greet her” like jokingly in all fairness to her anytime we joked about her sexy body looking like mammywater but she told me she was joking, I however told her the joke is too expensive o but fam, this girl has been in my house since last night, sleeps naked with her hawt body, I slept with a massive sick hard on yesterday night, I had to leave and go sleep in the sitting room, I have been scared of that joke and this girl begin to act like possibly I can’t perform, mi that I’m ekun. I really just found that “mammywater” joke too expensive abeg. How much is the destiny that’s someone want to take the one we dey manage again. E jo egbami ke.. I know one part in her head is thinking that I’m possibly an okobo (impotent). That’s if she no rape me this night. I don’t even know how to say she should go cause I like her too. How do I act diplomatic?

I will be reading your comments. Thanks.